3 Facts That Will Make You Reconsider Mobile Shredding

With identity theft and fraud on the rise, it is imperative to protect sensitive information. Each year companies lose millions of dollars due to security breaches. The best way to prevent this type of loss is to choose a reputable mobile shredding service. Mobile Shredding can ensure that your sensitive data will be completely destroyed. Here are three facts that will make you reconsider mobile shredding.

Fraud Protection
Unfortunately sensitive information getting into the wrong hands can prove to be problematic for any business. It could mean legal and financial trouble and ethical questioning of your company. Many would assume that a regular paper shredder would suffice, but often times they are not sufficient for businesses. The high powered shredders provided by a mobile service ensure that your documents are not able to be reconstructed after shredding. Without safe and reliable document destruction practices, your company can run the risk theft, fraud, and lawsuits. Hiring a mobile shredding service will nearly eliminate this issue because your documents will be completely destroyed in your presence.

Hiring a mobile shredding service can have environmental benefits as well. Many reputable shredding companies recycle the residue from shredded documents. Recycling is beneficial to not only your business but the community as a whole. This can reduce the number of trees being cut and create reusable materials.

Mobile shredding services offer both scheduled and one-time destruction of documents on site. Depending on the needs of your business, you are able to schedule frequent appointments or just a one-time service for a mass destruction. Mobile shredding services not only destroy paper documents but they also destroy hard drives and electronics. In addition to on site destruction, customers also have the option to drop off their documents for destruction.

Mobile shredding has proven to be very beneficial to businesses over the years. This service can provide a secure and definite way for you to protect your clients and the reputation of your business. To discuss more benefits to mobile shredding, please be sure to Contact Us. Thanks.


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