Advice on Keeping Personal Data Safe

recycle-shredded-paperRecycling is a big deal. It’s something that we take very seriously. So it always disturbs greatly when people don’t consider all of their options when it comes time to dispose of sensitive papers and electronics that house personal data. Because there’s something that people don’t think about when it’s time to throw out these effects, flash drives, hard drives, and so on: their personal security is at risk.

This is because if even one bit of personal information can be salvaged from any of the things you simply toss in the trash, identity thieves have made it their job to find that information, and can easily use it to exploit you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Shredding Documents: All important papers need to be shredded or incinerated. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this instance. This includes junk mail that is be addressed to you. Even if it’s unopened. Proper destruction makes it impossible for prying eyes to find exploitable information and keeps your information safe.

Take it to a Professional: Run a business? Or have boxes upon of boxes of documents that contain not only yours, but others’ personal data? Consider taking to a professional shredding company for a safe destruction. They can rid you of the burden, and carry a guarantee that your personal safety is secure.

Physically Destroy Old Electronics: As the digital age has progressed, so too has how we store data. Enter flash drives and hard drives, where simply hitting delete has made protecting your privacy easier than ever… but couldn’t be more incorrect. Deleting information from these devices doesn’t mean that it’s gone (this includes cellular phones and cd-roms), it’s a misnomer, so don’t believe it.

When it comes to these types of storage devices, they need physically altered so that no one can salvage the data. Not just demagnetized. They need opened up and destroyed. But if this isn’t something that you can’t do yourself, leave it to a qualified professional to get the job done right. The investment will pay off.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where disposing of personal or sensitive data may lead to it falling into the wrong hands, take the safe route, and have it disposed of the proper way.

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