FAQs on Mobile Shredding and Secure On-Site Shredding

FAQs-paper-shredding-serviceAs with almost anything, there are several concerns, misconceptions, misunderstandings and questions about Mobile Shredding. We decided to compile a list of these concerns along with some of the questions our prospective clients ask us when they are considering working with us.

So here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Shredding, the Shredding Industry in General and some specifics on Secure On-Site Shredding.

  1. “What are the main reasons that people use Mobile Shredding as opposed to on-site shredding?” Mobile Shredding AKA On Premise Shredding was designed for clients who were concerned with “chain of custody” and wanted “witnessed destruction” of sensitive documents.
  2. “How does Mobile Shredding Work?” – At Secure On-Site Shredding, we bring our Automated High Speed truck to your facility and use a secure cross cut pulverizing process to shred the documents in your parking lot or wherever you designate.
  3. “What are the reasons that people shred documents in the first place?” – The reasons we here most from our clients are: legal issues, concerns over security, identity theft, protection of personal information and recycling. Legal Issues are by far the most common reason.
  4. “Why not just shred everything ourselves? Why do we need a service?” As with any DIY concept, your time or the time of your staff is usually more valuable doing something else. Even if you have a lower paid member of your staff doing the shredding, it is usually more economical to hire a service. Professional shredding staff with high speed equipment can process far more documents per minute than an employee on your site with low speed equipment.
  5. “Do I need to pre sort documents, remove staples and paper clips, etc.?”  No. Our equipment handles all that. You just get it into one of the secure locked containers that we provide and you are done!

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