Recycling is Just One of Many Perks of Shredding Sensitive Documents

When your business works with a secure on-site shredding service that provides a certified recycling program, you are getting two great benefits for the cost of one: you are being eco-friendly and supporting the environment, and you are preventing sensitive and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Here are some additional benefits to on-site shredding and how they compare with traditional recycling programs:

Waste Reduction
It is estimated that the United States uses 80 million tons of paper each year, and over 1 million tons globally. Leaving behind a huge, unsustainable eco footprint in our forests that is difficult to fill. However, more than 63 percent of that paper is reused and recycled, thanks to state and local recycling programs, and services that offer on-site shredding, both of which turn confidential documents into 100% recyclable material that is then used in other paper products.

Less Risk Association
The act of recycling should never be frowned upon. Anything your business does to promote a better environment in a positive and actionable way should be applauded. But did you know that haul away, or off-site shredding, and stand alone recycling programs don’t offer the confidentiality guaranteed through legislative requirements that on-site shredding does? On-site shredding is the most secure and the safest way of destroying documents.

Legal Ramifications
In addition to being a green solution for paper waste, in most instances there are many federal and state laws that prevent businesses from simply tossing old documents in the trash. In fact, it is punishable act that carries with it penalties and fines if the rules and regulations aren’t followed. Not to mention lawsuits, privacy violations, and customer loss. Making it even more important that, when it’s time to shred and recycle confidential paperwork, your business partners with a NAID Certified Destruction Company, and gets the confirmation of security that you deserve.

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