Shred It: Because Identity Theft Rings Do Exist

shred it servicesCrime rings of all kinds are in the news on a regular basis. You hear about drug rings, gangs and all kinds of criminal groups every day when you turn on the television or read news stories online. However, the police in the State of Washington are on the hunt of a group of individuals they believe have been involved in a massive identity theft crime ring, according to an article on their local FoxNews website.

The man they believe to be in charge of the ring has had several identity theft convictions already, and now officials believe he’s actually been heading up a group of people he’s been training to do the same thing. Four people have been arrested so far, but police are still looking for more.

After talking with the individuals who have been arrested, detectives learned that the leader of the ring would send people out to get identifying information from people’s cars, mailboxes and even their homes. The information that was obtained was used to open credit cards, get new social security cards and make phony driver’s licenses. Many of these items were recovered during a search.

These types of stories are scary, but the reality is that identity theft is very real. That’s why many business are turning to on-site shredding solutions instead of just manually shredding their own documents or sending them out to be shredded. When business documents are professionally shredded on-site, business owners can rest assured that their personal information is safe.

If you own a business, you know that it’s one of your biggest investments. Here at Secure On-Site Shredding, it’s our goal to help you protect that investment. If you would like more information about our shredding services, and how we can help you maintain a higher level of identity security, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us today.

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