Shredding Can Mean the Difference Between Safety and an Information Security Breach

Several large retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus have suffered security breaches. Their computers had security systems, but they were still hacked. Upwards of 70 million people have had their email and mailing addresses compromised, and around 40 million people have had their credit and debit card information stolen. That was from Target alone, in December 2013. Reports say that Target has spent millions on their information security breach, and the company is still suffering from the catastrophe. Read more about the Target breach here.

People have been made aware of identity theft, through companies like Target making the news. Additionally, there are warnings all over the internet regarding identity theft. People have begun to burn or shred their sensitive papers rather than thoughtlessly throwing them in the trash. Many remember the lady who was gaining recyclable materials from a dumpster, and she ran across sensitive information from people’s recycle bins. Folks are now being much more careful about information security.

For a small business or a business just opening its doors, an information security breach could mean the end of the business. Not only paperwork is subject to theft, but old computers put out for recycling. Businesses may think they have wiped their hard drives clean, but many instances have made the news in which such is not the case.

To examine the problem from the other side, scam artists and identity thieves can and will perpetrate their frauds in a dizzying array of ways. They can even scam the IRS from prison. Information security doesn’t even encompass paper and computers. A simple vacation picture on Facebook can alert an identity thief to his target’s absence from home. A look at the About page, the notation of an address, and someone will need help to recover their identity. What can be done to stop it?

Private citizens should be very careful to let no paperwork with sensitive information like social security numbers, bank account numbers, insurance information or medical information get into the trash or recycle bin. Secure On-Site Shredding offers individuals a one-time service for their security needs. If people are spring-cleaning the desk and need to safely dispose of months’ worth of sensitive information, SOShredding is available for their peace of mind. Small businesses who are upgrading their computer systems should contact the company for secure shredding of their old system’s hard drives. A plus of this service is that all shredded materials are recycled for the benefit of the environment. Contact us to preserve your most sensitive information security.


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