March, 2014

March 31st, 2014

Why “NAID Certified” Matters with Hard Drive Destruction

A small, recently released study commissioned in Australia by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) should serve as a cautionary tale for hard drive destruction in the United States.

The study found that of the 52 used, randomly purchased hard drives examined, 15 still contained information including pornographic material, personal photos and videos, bank statements, court case documents, client personal information, email correspondence and client health information, among other things. One drive was even identified as belonging to a Justice of the Peace!

Indeed, a quick search on eBay for “used computer hard drives” nets a search result of 68,283 listings. Many say they are “wiped” clean. But are they?

If nearly 30% of the hard drives examined in the Australian study still had information, imagine extrapolating that number to cover all the hard drives improperly disposed of in the United States. The personal data floating around out there is ripe for the picking.

Which is why it is important to have a NAID approved company handling your hard drive destruction. Free hard drive destruction is not really free if it is not handled and documented properly. It could end up costing quite a bit if information gets into the wrong hands.

The NAID AAA Certification program offers the following benefits:

  • The program was developed by industry professionals and is recognized around the world.
  • NAID auditors have earned accreditation from ASIS International.
  • NAID certification auditors verify that protocols are in place to ensure the security of confidential material throughout all stages of the destruction process.
  • An extensive background check ensures that no individual with a known history of related crimes will be handling confidential material.
  • Certified companies participate in an unannounced audit program.
  • The Certification Review Board keeps a close eye on certified companies.

This short video, Beyond the Claims and Promises, explains the value of NAID certification.

Secure On-Site Shredding is AAA Certified by NAID for hard drive destruction. Contact us to find out more.

March 20th, 2014

How On-Site Shredding Can Help Protect You From Identity Theft

Your personal identity is an important commodity. Keeping it safe, and free from prying eyes, is not only important to the security and future of your finances, but also for information that you do not wish to share.

According to the FTC, it is estimated that each year over 9 million people are victims of identity theft. Something that, in many cases, could have been avoided completely if some simple precautions were put into place.

This is why on-site shredding is such a valuable tool in fighting identity theft. Because every piece of paper that is thrown in the trash, down to the smallest identifiable detail, has the potential of becoming used and exploited by a crook.

Here are some common examples of documents that most of us throw away without even thinking that, had they been shredded, could have avoided turning trash day into “cash day” for a thief:

  • Out of date credit cards
  • Credit or debit receipts and statements
  • Expired credit and debit cards
  • Unused credit card checks
  • Bank statements (checking and savings)
  • Pre-approved credit offers/applications
  • Canceled checks
  • Financial account statements
  • Pension statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Wage and earnings statements
  • Paid bill invoices
  • Any invoices or statements
  • Tax returns
  • Medical bills
  • Insurance claims
  • Insurance policy information
  • Expired IDs

Sadly, anything you throw in the trash with identifiable information attached to it is prone to being used for ill purposes. Including envelopes with return addresses indicating where you bank; who your doctor is; where your financial investments are housed; your mortgage brokers, and so on.

Fortunately, however, this type of identity theft is extremely possible to curb. By simply shredding every document, receipt, envelope, or simple piece of paper with your personal information on it, you can stop confidential information from falling into the wrong hands, and you can prevent thieves from exploiting your personal and financial information, stopping them dead in their tracks.

For more information on how we can help protect your valuable and confidential personal information, please contact us any time.

March 6th, 2014

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Paper Shredding Service

You probably already know that a paper shredding service can be a valuable asset to your business, but what you may not know is that not every shredding company is the same. Here are some questions you should ask before hiring a paper shredding service to help you destroy documents.

Will anyone see the documents while they are being shredded?
While you may think that having workers see your documents while they are shredding them is inevitable, this is simply not the case. Measures can be put in place, including storing documents in a locked box until they are ready to be shredded. If a company does not take the appropriate steps to ensure your privacy, you should consider hiring someone else.

How are documents shredded?
Simply shredding documents into thin strips will not ensure that information on them cannot be obtained. Instead, you should have them cross cut into tiny particles that somewhat resemble graffiti in order to ensure no one is later able to recreate your documents.

What certifications do you hold?
Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the highest in the industry, and will ensure that those who are shredding your documents follow all the required government regulations when doing so.

Can you provide me with other data destruction services?
You may sometimes need to destroy computer hard drives, CD-Roms or other forms of electronic media in addition to having paper shredded. If so, you’ll need a company who can take care of more than one type of media for you as well.

Will you come back at predetermined intervals so that I can stay on top of my shredding needs?
This is an important question to ask if you generate a large number of paper documents and regularly need to have them purged. Scheduling this service monthly or even quarterly will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by the document shredding process.

Here at Secure On-Site Shredding, we are NAID certified, and provide document shredding services to a number of counties in Florida. Contact us today to find out more.