Why Use a Certified NAID Member? To Confirm the Security you Expect!

NAID CertifiedNAID Certification – A NAID Certified Destruction Company proves they have what it takes and do what they say… on an ongoing basis.

It is easy to make claims and promises when there is no one checking. A NAID Certified Contractor has gone above and beyond claims and promises by submitting to a close examination of every aspect of their security.

While NAID set the criteria for certification, an impartial, independent security professional conducts the actual audit. Applicants must submit for critical review, their policy and procedure manuals, logs and paperwork to verify that they meet the certification requirements. Facility security, monitoring systems, destruction equipment and access control systems must also stand up to the auditor’s inspection.

And it doesn’t stop with one inspection. To maintain certification, a contractor is audited annually.

NAID asks the RIGHT questions and verifies the RELEVANT facts.

  • What is the quality of the physical security at the destruction facility?
  • Does the vendor have he proper insurance?
  • Are the employees screened?
  • Do advertised claims match what is practiced?
  • Are there written policies and procedures… and are they followed?
  • Are materials destroyed in an appropriate timeframe?
  • Does the destruction equipment reduce the material to an acceptable particle size?

COMPLIANCE… Our Compliance to NAID Standards and Your Compliance to the Laws and Regulations

The growing number of laws and regulations requiring information protection emphasize the responsibility to make careful decisions about how data is handled and who handles it. By selecting a NAID Certified Contractor, you demonstrate that you have made your choice about information protection with care, diligence and respect for the law.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is a non-profit association formed in 1993 with the sole purpose of educating business and government of the need for the destruction of discarded information, with hundreds of members.

PCI Certified – Certificate Number: CEAA-C92B-4E36-5D6F
MBE CertifiedOffice of Supplier Diversity State of Florida
Women’s Business Enterprise CertifiedWomen Owned National Certified


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