Down Stream Process

Celebrating 18 Years of Responsible Recycling
Secure On-Site Shredding is proud to announce that we recycle everything that we shred in the United States of America; nothing is shipped to other countries.

All shredded paper material is baled in preparation for recycling at our facility guaranteeing our clients the utmost security. Secure On-Site Shredding owns and operates a state of the art bailing system. The material is then shipped directly to the pulp mill for post consumer products. A third party recycling facility is in place in case the shredded material cannot be baled at our facility.

Computers – Electronic Recycling
Secure On-Site Shredding has partnered with a leader in the electronic recycling industry. Electronics are separated into base materials. These materials consist of gold, silver, copper and other precious metals that are in limited supply, along with plastic, glass and other materials. These materials are recycled into new products.

Hard Drives
Secure On-Site Shredding securely shred hard drives; this is the only method that guarantees complete data destruction. Secure On-Site Shredding has a partnership with a local recycler to facilitate the smelting process; turning the precious aluminum into post consumer products.

Data Devices – Electronic Destruction (E-Media)
Secure On-Site Shredding shreds all E-Media prior to the recycling process. We currently work with a local recycler to ensure this material is properly recycled and turned into post consumer products.

Micro Media- Microfiche, Microfilm
All shredded Micro Media is recycled through a Waste to Energy process. Waste to Energy process the process of creating energy in the form of electricity or heat from the incineration.


On-Time Scheduled Service

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