September 3rd, 2014

Peace of Mind and Convenience With On-Site Shredding

paper shredding secure storage containersOn-site shredding is one of the most cost effective and efficient methods for protecting and disposing of sensitive information. Utilizing on-site, scheduled shredding saves time and money by freeing up space and employee time for more pressing and profitable tasks.

Secure On-Site Shredding has been protecting sensitive information and data in Central Florida for two decades, building a reputation of reliability and impeccable security along the way. By employing a consistent chain of custody and transporting and storing information in secure containers, sensitive information is protected at every step throughout the process. The secure containers for storage between scheduled disposal dates are provided to our customers at no charge.

With on-site shredding you not only get convenience, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from witnessing the documents being shredded before transferring custody to us. Upon destruction of the information, a Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records and any compliance needs.

All of our on-site technicians are screened professionals and follow strict guidelines to ensure an uninterrupted chain of custody and the protection of your private information. Arriving in fully automated, state of the art trucks, our technicians dispose of your documents in minutes.

Secure On-Site Shredding’s Destruction Specialists will help you determine your needs and review all of the options available to ensure your company, client and employee information is disposed of properly.

Call us today and speak with one of our specialists or use the Contact Us page or the Estimate page on our website to learn how we can help you protect your information and your reputation.


August 28th, 2014

Hard Drive Destruction – A Must For Businesses

hard drive destructionWith the current buzz in Washington DC about crashing hard drives, lost emails, methods of backup storage, and information retrieval, concerns about hard drive security and durability have been on the minds of many Americans. One thing is certain. Computer hard drives can hold a lot of valuable information that others would like to see.

Does your company have a computer graveyard?
Surprisingly, many do. With identity and information theft being so prevalent today, old hard drives not properly destroyed can be a grave security risk for any company. Manufacturing secrets, innovative research results, and product development information needs to properly destroyed. Personnel records, credit card information, and customer lists would be of great value to the competition or an identity thief.

It is surprising how durable hard drives can be.
Police and other law enforcement agencies have the ability to get information off hard drives that the average person would think would be beyond retrieval. Unfortunately, identity thieves know this plain truth too.  Although they may not have the technology available to them that is available to law enforcement, they still have ways to get personal information that can be very damaging off of a hard drive.

Through the years, there have been many myths concerning hard drive destruction.  There’s the de-magnetization method works only if the magnet is strong enough, like the kind found on magnetic cranes used in junk yards for lifting cars.  Then there’s the acid bath, but of course, you need to find a safe way to apply and dispose of the acid.  Renting a sandblaster, incinerating, shattering with a hammer or using it as target practice might be somewhat effective, but not very safe or cost effective. Seriously, in today’s computer driven economy, companies have to have a safe, effective way to dispose of spent hard drives.

When choosing a hard drive sanitation or destruction service, go and visit the facility unannounced.  Make sure that the building is secure and that background checks are run on all employees. Ask to see or receive detailed information on the destruction process and ask if they are certified with a quality control agency like the National Association for Information Destruction.

For more information about safe and complete hard drive destruction, contact us today.


August 16th, 2014

Why Is Hard Drive Destruction Important?

orlando shredding hard driveSo you’ve updated your computer and now it’s time throw your old computer away. How should you go about disposing of your old PC or Mac? Well unfortunately we live in an age where cyber terrorists and hackers are a way of life. One of the worst things you can do is just throw your computer away as is. Banking info, private correspondence, almost anything is accessible to someone determined to steal your information. In a worst case scenario you could even have your whole Identity stolen.

So how should your computer be disposed off? Well the logical solution may seem to be to delete everything off of your computer;however this is simply not enough to keep the contents of your computer out of the wrong hands. There are often multiple places on your hard drive where data is stored and erasing the most obvious places doesn’t completely get rid of the data. The only sure way to make sure your private info stays private is to have your hard drive physically destroyed. We can take care of that, learn more on our Hard Drive Destruction page.

Hard Drive Destruction much like most things in life, is best left to the professionals. Sure, if you search long enough you will probably find a video or two on YouTube that demonstrates how to dispose of your hard drive at home, and someone with a natural affinity for electronics may be able to do so. However, for the majority of casual computer users it’s not worth the aggravation not to mention the chance that it doesn’t get done the right way. You are much better off hiring a paid professional. Hiring someone to destroy your hard drive for you not only ensures that the job gets done correctly, but an added benefit is that the dead hard drive then gets recycled properly.

When it comes to what is referred to in the industry as “Hard Drive Shredding” you have two options: On-Site and Off-Site. If you choose Off-Site your hard drive gets picked up and taken away for disposal. Would you trust someone to take your documents to their house and shred them for you, knowing that they could read any and all of them without you ever knowing? Well Off-Site hard drive shredding carries the same risk. Someone knowledgeable in computers could easily extract everything.

The benefit of hiring an On-Site service like Secure On-Site Shredding for your Hard Drive Destruction is that your hard drive will be destroyed on your property, in your presence. On-Site shredding is realy the only true way to achieve piece of mind when disposing of an old computer.

If you want to sleep soundly at night, choose On-Site.

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June 5th, 2014

We Can Dispose of Old XP Windows Based PC’s to Protect You from Business Identity Theft

It’s not enough that criminals are stealing the identities of individuals. Oh, no. Now they are stealing that of businesses. Just as with personal identity theft, businesses must no longer leave things to chance. That chance is all it takes for an identity thief to wreck all you’ve worked so hard to have. How bad is it? The Wall Street Cheat Sheet reports that businesses could be blamed for the crime, and made to pay restitution. A similar issue is that employee information could be stolen, if it isn’t stored properly. How can a business protect itself?

C’mon, What Can They Really Do?

Identity thieves can get a business’ financial numbers and do serious damage to the business. If the business owner finds that credit accounts have been opened in the business’ name, loans taken out in the business’ name or items bought using the business’ credit cards, then the business owner is in deep trouble. Identity thieves can use the tax ID number to commit income tax fraud and mess with the payroll. Thieves gain this information from a variety of places, one of which (Secure On-Site Shredding can dispose of old XP Windows based PCs) can be helped. The really bad thing is that all this could be going on without the business owner’s knowledge. Only when he needs a loan for expansion or notices oddities on the credit card statements could he discover what has been going on. Not only that, but while he is trying to repair the problems, he could very well lose business and be forced to shut down.

What Else Can They Do?

Everyone is now aware of personal identity theft. The spectacular hack job done on Target last Christmas has served as fair warning to everyone that no one is safe. Here’s another thing to think about: identity thieves can still steal a business owner’s personal information. Your personal information is often tied in with your business information. It is needed for credit purposes, licensing and banking. Indeed, one of the first places identity thieves get their ideas is from public records of a business’ tax ID. Thus, a business owner is in double jeopardy, so to speak, from identity thieves.

What is the Answer?

Much information is garnered from businesses who upgrade their computer and communications systems. Often they simply put the old computers out by the road for pick-up. The Fresno Bee quoted an identity theft suspect as saying “the trashcan is golden”. You would be amazed at how much information is left on hard drives people thought they had cleaned. Now, we can dispose of old XP Windows based PCs. The hard drive is shredded, and the other components recycled. No one will gain access to customer or employee information, nor will they garner sensitive business information. But there is more than a business owner can do.

  • Read this article on to learn how to prevent and detect business identity theft.

Personal identity theft protection is now available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover your business. While SOS can dispose of old XP Windows based PCs and is providing security in one way, the business owner can look into business identity theft protection.

Other means of protection the business owner himself may implement and monitor. They include:

  • Protect your EIN as if it were your social security number.
  • Keep your business information securely stored and not accessible to unauthorized persons.
  • Shred old or obsolete records. Do not toss them in the trash.
  • Monitor daily your banking accounts, credit accounts and any wire transfers your company handles.

SOS can dispose of old XP Windows based PCs is only one method of protection, but there is plenty more the business owner can do to watch his back. Learn helpful tips at The Better Business Bureau, the police and the Chamber of Commerce may have more information specific to your town, county and state. However, contact us for secure shredding of your papers and hard drives. We take identity theft seriously.


May 19th, 2014

The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction for Health Care Companies

If health care is your field, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects the privacy of patients’ health information. Patients and customers are familiar with it as well, which is why they’ll appreciate the peace of mind they receive knowing that your business uses professional SOS hard drive destruction.

Why is it so important to properly destroy hard drives? For starters, if personal information is improperly discarded, your business could be subject to litigation. In fact, the past two years have witnessed over 10 million dollars in fines levied against businesses for just this reason. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to a costly and protracted court battle.

Beyond the legal and financial risk of failing to properly destroy hard drives, business owners have an ethical responsibility to their customers to protect sensitive information. Even if you’re a small business owner, your hard drive almost certainly contains highly sensitive information about your employees, such as Social Security numbers.

Don’t risk the privacy of your patients, customers, and employees by simply trying to “wipe” a hard drive yourself. Information is buried deep inside, and true shredding is the safest way to guarantee that information is no longer available to potential identity thieves. In short, our method is the absolute best protection for your sensitive information.

Contact us to learn more about our services, and to see why our customers trust us to handle their shredding and hard drive destruction. With the help of Secure On-Site Shredding, you can be sure your business is protected.


April 28th, 2014

How To Choose A Reputable Florida Paper Shredding Service

If you’re looking for a Florida Paper Shredding service, then you’re probably wondering how you should go about picking a reputable shredding company. Protecting the personal information of your clients is just as important after you’ve fulfilled the required document retention time as it is while those documents are being stored onsite. So exactly how do you go about finding a trustworthy document shredding service?

Here are a few things you should look for while trying to find a reputable Florida Paper Shredding service.

  1. Do they offer a mobile shredding service that comes to your place of business? This is extremely important when it comes to document shredding because the documents never leave your sight. And once they’re shredded, they go directly into locked containers and mixed with other shredded documents; therefore, they’re virtually impossible to re-create.
  2. How long have they been in business? It’s best to find a company who has been in business for several years. Then you’ll need to check their reputation and their standing in the community. You can do this by checking their online and offline references and reviews.
  3. Are they an NAID certified contractor?
  4. Inquire about other businesses and government entities who use their services. If the State of Florida and the US government use them, that’s a pretty good indication that they’re trustworthy and competent.
  5. Will they provide you with written proof including the date and time you used their shredding services? You’ll need this documentation to show legal compliance should a problem arise.
  6. Do they offer free estimates?
  7. Are they a local company with a verifiable local address and phone number. The last thing you want is to trust your sensitive documents to some fly-by-night company who shows up at your door with a truck and a document shredder.

When looking for the right document shredding company, it’s important to perform a little due diligence before making any hiring decisions. Hiring the wrong company could have irreparable consequences and could ultimately cost you your business.

If you would like more information about Florida paper shredding services, please contact us. Secure On-site Shredding has been helping Florida with all their document shredding needs since 1994. Allow us to help you protect your information and your reputation – that’s what we do best!